Do I really need to think about making a Will now?

Making a Will allows you to express your final wishes clearly, and without one you are leaving it up to the law to decide how your estate (your money, possessions and property) is passed on – and this may not be the way you wanted it. 

Not only does a will make it much easier and less stressful for your family or friends to sort everything out when you are no longer here, but it is extremely important if you have children or other family who depend on you financially.

There are many reasons for writing a will.  Think about:

  • Have your circumstances changed recently?  Married?  Divorced?  Kids?  Re-married? Make sure your Will is updated when your circumstances change. If you want a specific family member of friend to take care of your children but that person is not your next of kin, then you need to ensure you designate that person specifically in your will. 
  • Children – if you have children under 18 you should decide who looks after them and ensure there are funds to help.
  • Owner of a small business – without an executor, and if you are a sole director, your business could collapse.
  • Non traditional family? Unmarried couples or not in a civil partnership? In the eyes of the law, unfortunately, a couple who are living together don’t have the same automatic rights as a married couple when it comes to sorting out a deceased person’s estate.
  • Property – make sure your mortgage plan says what happens to your house
  • Inheritance Tax – a Will can also help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that may be payable on the value of the property and money you leave behind.
  • Funeral plans – detail what you want so family members don’t have to make these decisions in difficult circumstances.

Will Aid is the UK's top charity Will-writing scheme. During November, solicitors all over the country participating in the scheme will be writing basic Wills for clients and instead of charging their usual fees, they will invite clients to make a voluntary donation to Will Aid.  The money raised from donations is shared by nine well-known UK charities: ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers, SCIAF (Scotland) and Trocaire (Northern Ireland).

Whether you are in your peak and have just run a marathon, a new mum or ready to retire, please don’t put it off and speak to us today to get your Will in place. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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