Why we think selling in winter can be a great opportunity and here’s why:-

Less Competition
There are fewer properties on the market at this time of year therefore it stands to reason that from a selling perspective there is less competition. Buyer demand will be focused on what is available- including your own home! If you wait until the New Year or spring, many sellers will have the same idea and your property may not stand out the same, especially if two or three others pop up for sale on your road!

Take advantage of peak internet traffic over the holiday period
Statistics from the leading property portal Rightmove show there is a huge spike in traffic to the site over the Christmas holiday period. People have more time talk and discuss their plans.  There is a lot of the “new year new home” mentality. For our clients that are already on the market, they are showcasing their homes to a larger audience.

Stronger prices
Given the shortage of properties on the market during winter months and the concentrated demand, chances are you will be able to negotiate a higher price for your property- we have actually just done this on a couple of properties recently where we have achieved way above what we honestly expected to achieve for the properties and this must in part be down to the lack of available stock.

Only the serious venture out
When it is cold, dark, damp and generally miserable outside and with so much else going on at this time of year- only seriously motivated buyers are still out housing hunting! So whilst the numbers may be down, the quality is high.

Some homes are winter homes
Most property market experts will tell you a property looks at its best when the sun is shining and the garden is in full bloom and this is probably true of many properties. However does your property have traditional period features a working beautiful open fireplace? What better than a cosy gorgeous “feel good” winter ambience that will create and make a lasting memorable impression to any potential buyer.
Selling in the winter is not for everyone but there are obvious benefits to some. Put the market to the test...

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