Planning for old age

Making a Will is quick, easy and straightforward. Few of us want to contemplate the inevitable, but taking the time to have your wishes put on paper now can spare your loved ones a lot of heartache and stress when you are gone. Everyone should make a Will. Everyone CAN write a Will, but if it doesn’t comply with certain legal requirements it will not be valid.

A Will must be made whilst you are still ‘of sound mind’ meaning it is important to get round to it as soon as possible. 

When it comes to choosing an executor and who will get your property after you die, there are certain legal rules which dictate what happens if no Will is in place. Having a well drafted Will in place means you can provide for your family as you would like to, and you can make specific legacies as well – for instance, gifts of certain personal possession and items can be made in a Will that would not otherwise be possible.  Remember also that your unmarried partner may not inherit the house you both live in if you don’t grant a Will.

A fact that is not well known is that some people with few assets (the house is not counted) can have a Will prepared under Legal Aid and this costs you nothing. 

Recent medical statistics show that one in three over-65s die with dementia.

If someone has difficulties that mean they can't make decisions anymore, they will need help managing their finances. A Power of Attorney is a legal document where someone (while they still have mental capacity) nominates a trusted friend or relative to look after their affairs if they lose capacity. This could be for any reason, whether dementia, a sudden stroke, or serious accident.

By legally authorising a Power of Attorney, does not mean you lose control. You can choose when it can be used. However if you do lose mental capacity, and you haven’t already filled in the Power of Attorney forms, your loved ones will need to apply through court to become 'Guardian', a long and expensive process.

Speak to McQueen Legal today to get your Power of Attorney and Will in place and set your mind at rest. We are currently offering a 10% discount on all Wills and POA instructions received by us until Friday 12th February.

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