Email security – don’t get caught out

Most businesses could not operate without the use of the internet and email communications. Modern technology which we take for granted today brings with it huge opportunities for businesses, but it also brings its fair share of risks.

Cyber attacks on UK companies are happening on a daily basis, where fraudsters try to steal information, money, and disrupt business activities.

McQueen Legal takes security extremely seriously. Dealing with high value property transactions we have to. Our IT and email systems are as secure as they can be and like all small businesses, we work closely with the banks to ensure any fraudulent activity is detected at the earliest possibility.

Common practices today are ‘whaling’ fraud and ‘phishing’, scams based around faking email messages from company bosses. Emails come from web addresses almost identical to that of the target company, and ask internal managers to divulge confidential information about their company or clients to transfer money to fake accounts.

Please be suspicious of requests for bank details or pressure to take action quickly from any businesses, even if you think you know who the email is from. McQueen Legal has used the same bank for over 30 years now and we would never change our bank details without informing you personally or ask for transfer of payments to a different bank account via email.

Some advice from the Law Society to individuals involved in high value financial transactions is to not use the ‘reply’ option to respond to any business emails. Instead use the forward option and either type in the correct email address or select it from your email address book to ensure the intended recipient’s correct email address is used. 

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