What risks do you face selling without an estate agent?

Selling your home without an estate agent is like handling your own legal matter, or filing your own accounts. Yes, you might be able to do it yourself, but by cutting costs and bypassing an estate agent you could face problems regarding valuation, security, negotiation, managing chains, local knowledge, as well as access to potential buyers. There is more to selling a property than simply fees. The risks and time spent doing it yourself could prove to be very dangerous.

Here are the 5 things you risk by going it alone:

  1. Knowledge – how well do you know the market? How many properties have you sold before? How are your negotiation skills? Estate agents sell properties every day. A good agent knows the marketplace inside out, including how and when best to market your property. They also have a database of buyers and are aware of what other properties are selling for.
  2. Time – everyone’s time is valuable. Do you have time to dedicate to marketing the property, getting feedback, engaging with other professionals if needs be?
  3. First impressions – can you produce professional photography, videos, brochures and other marketing materials to make a lasting impression?
  4. Marketing – what resources do you have at your disposal to market your property?
  5. Transaction management – how will you manage the process? Who is going to be handling the closing? What items need to be left in the house? What if something goes wrong, at either end of the deal?

 The perceived savings can prove costly mistakes in the long run. Don’t risk it – for one of the biggest financial decisions you may make, speak to an expert who knows the marketplace and the selling process. Let them guide you and sell your property quickly and get you the return you deserve.

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