Powers of Attorney

Thinking about what would happen if our faculties deserted us is uncomfortable. Yet it is important to consider how much worse the situation would be if you had a stroke, serious accident or dementia and were unable to make decisions about your finances, without having put something in place first.

McQueen Legal have a wealth of experience in this field and have seen what can happen when Powers of Attorney are not put in place at the right time.

We recommend that all clients over the age of 50 should grant an Enduring and Welfare Power of Attorney to enable a trusted person to act on their behalf in dealing with both their financial affairs and their welfare in the event that they should become incapable of dealing with their own affairs either through mental or physical impairment. None of us can foresee when one of these events may occur – for example, a stroke or a car accident could occur without prior notice.

The cost of appointing a Guardian to an individual could be around £4,000 if no Power of Attorney exists, therefore it is strongly recommended that clients should bear the cost of preparation of a Power of Attorney at £300 + VAT + registration dues (currently £75) instead. Our fees will be higher in the event that we require to visit you at you home to have the document signed and, if we require a doctor`s certificate to satisfy us that you are capable of giving instructions at that point, this will also be payable by you.

We will:

  • send you a questionnaire for completion with details of yourself and your attorneys;
  • obtain your ID;
  • prepare the Power of Attorney;
  • prepare the Registration form;
  • meet with you to satisfy ourselves that you are capable of giving us instructions;
  • obtain your signature and the signatures of the Attorney to the paperwork; and
  • send the documents to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration.

Please be aware that the Public Guardian’s registration time can be a very prolonged period. If it is urgent that the Power of Attorney should be available for use, please advise us.

If you wish us to arrange the preparation of a Power of Attorney for you, please contact us.


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